Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Always Radiant Pads Crowdtap Mission Review!

Do you want incredible protection and be able to #WearWhatYouWant? I have got the perfect product for you to try. If you have never tried Always Radiant Pads with FlexFoam then you really should try them. Do you have that perfect outfit your afraid to wear when dealing with PMS issues each month? If you answered yes then I have the answer...go purchase these Always Radiant Pads at stores like Walmart,Target or even Amazon. Once you have purchased them grab your favorite outfit you have been afraid to wear when dealing with PMS and try these pads out. They are 100% leak free and absorb 10X it's weight. These pads give you the freedom to #WearWhatYouWant even your favorite white or skinny jeans. You will no longer have to deal with that thick and bulky pad that moves around. These pads stay in place and never leak. They are made with FlexFoam that is soft and designed to move with you. You are protected for up to 8 hours of comfort. Ready to try them yet? If you have I would love to hear your opinions on how well they worked for you. If not then let me know when you do try them. The designs on the pads are so colorful,and I guarantee you can spot the box right on the shelf. Here are some pictures I took of my mission
I am in love with the designs they used! Just groovy..It reminds me of the hippy era or even the 80's with all the floral prints. Thank you Crowdtap for letting me try these out because I absolutely love them and will be using them in the future. If your not a member of Crowdtap come on over and join us by clicking HERE It is a great way to interact with brands,get a chance to participate in missions,attend Twitter Parties,earn gifts cards and more. Free to join so come on over and get with it today!

Influenster Revive Voxbox Review!

I was so excited to get my first full size Voxbox from Influenster. I was chosen for the Revive Voxbox! Here is a picture of everything that...