Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hill's Science Diet Healthy Cuisine Crowdtap Mission Review

I was excited to try a new brand of dog food for my furbaby. We have struggled with trying to find a food that she will love and stick to. She is one picky eater for sure. We got chosen for this mission at Crowdtap to test out the Hill's Science Diet Healthy Cuisine Wet can dog food. I was beyond excited because I had always heard of nothing but good things about this brand. We received 4 cans to test and try out. Two of Roasted Chicken with Carrots and Spinach Stew,and Braised Beef with Carrots and Peas Stew. Let me tell you I am so happy because she absolutely loved them both. She did not stick her nose up and walk away like she does on most foods. She was wagging her tail and she was very happy for me to place it on that plate. The best thing I love about this dog food is the fact it is full of protein and contains veggies. That is two important things she absolutely needs in her diet. We will be purchasing this brand from now on because I know she will eat it and my money will not be wasted. Thanks Crowdtap for letting me try out this food for my dog. Here are some pictures I took for my mission! If your not a member of Crowdtap come check them out..Lots of fun and you can qualify to test stuff out for free as well!

Influenster Revive Voxbox Review!

I was so excited to get my first full size Voxbox from Influenster. I was chosen for the Revive Voxbox! Here is a picture of everything that...