Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cottonelle’s Clean Care Double Roll Mission from Crowdtap!

I recently got picked to test out Cottonelle’s Clean Care Double Roll Toilet Paper Mission on Crowdtap. I am a big fan of Cottenelle and I love how soft their toilet paper is. The big plus is you get 35% more sheets on the rolls. I think that getting more sheets on each roll is a big savings for your buck! It also makes for less trips to Target or Walmart. I always have coupons so I stock up and purchase more than 1 package. I took a picture for this mission of one roll taken off the roll and stacked up.In the picture there is 35% more sheets on this roll. It took me a little bit to unroll and then roll it back up. For the final say I enjoyed this mission and really loved getting that extra pack of Cottenelle. If you want to join a fun site,interact with others and get a chance to win gift cards each month,test products and more then come on over and join CROWDTAP today! It is my favorite site online,and I promise you will love it!

Influenster Revive Voxbox Review!

I was so excited to get my first full size Voxbox from Influenster. I was chosen for the Revive Voxbox! Here is a picture of everything that...